LC Mckenzie - I'll Be There

LC Mckenzie is the up and coming shining light of Australian Hip-Hop who has been gracing the shores of Perth, Western Australia for the past 2 years. His unique style of Hip-Hip that takes method from the sounds of J.Cole, Tupac Shakur. Kendrick Lamar and Notorious B.I.G, intertwining the new and old for a refreshing sound on the Australian Hip-Hop scene. LC's adventurous past, from leaving his home of Zimbabwe for the U.K and then finally onto his current home of Perth, Australia where he works as an aged care nurse, led to much of his inspiration as a rapper and lyricist, and making LC’s music honest, inspiring and unforgettable. Having been shared and interviewed an a variety of online and physical press and blogs, from Colosoul to the Newcastle Mirage, his reach has been swift and vast.

LC Mckenzie is on the cusp of officially releasing his new tracks 'I'll be There' and 'Rolls Royce' (Links below to 'I'll Be There' and other works by LC) coming next month.

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