Poldoore - Blind Eyes

After a breakthrough year in 2014, Belgian beatmaker Poldoore rises back to the surface with his first EP in 2015. Teaming up with London-based label Cult Classic Records, “Blind Eyes” EP is a collection of colourful summer constructions. Lead single “Blind Eyes” is a piano-streaked beach club affair with a restless, bouncing groove across its four-minute run. On vocals you hear Cise Starr (of CYNE) , one of the frequent collaborators of the late Japanese artist Nujabes. “Never Defeated” sees the Belgian beatmaker continuing to craft melodic and soulful tracks this time with a simmering saxophone and excellent vocal work by longtime friend Eme and US native Nieve. On “Angel Dust” Poldoore translates his love for oldschool hip-hop to a well balanced result wherein both piano and vocals (Awon & Dephlow) feel in control without compromising the strength of the mellow yet head-knodding piece. Special thanks go out to Cise Starr, Awon, Dephlow, Nieve, EME, Bob42jh & Thomas Prime @ Cult Classic Records, Lukas Turcksin and Jochem Daelman.

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