Sparrow The Movement - Amazing

Produced by Switzerland’s best kept secret, SWC (Supreme War Clique), “Amazing” odes to a day when simply beats and rhymes were hip-hop’s general protocol. SWC lays down a proverbial canvas that literally fights with itself. It moves with such Grace that although it feels slow and melodic the BPM is in the upper eighties. The instrumentation and drum programming make this track a smooth and attractive calamity; executed perfectly. It’s Amazing. And Fla-Fla adds to this clement rasping with Christ-inspired lyrics such as: “That I’m the child of a Father so awesome makes sense like the Asian kids who made my Jordan’s; my portion is on display, on this day, because His pay, forced His grace, to forge my way.” The single balances Fla-Fla’s convictions both in Faith and Hip-Hop. The track is the perfect landscape for Christ-inspired lyrics with a Hip-Hop purist’s conviction. But you would never confuse this with Christian rap. Behold, Sparrow the Movement will do a new thing; Christ-inspired, but all Hip-Hop. No need for sub - genres.
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